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Our Mission

Welcome to 7 Fires Publishing!  We are a unique publisher-owned bookstore, dedicated to creating a warm and engaging space for readers and authors alike.

Our mission is to provide our customers with a wide selection of books while supporting independent bookstores and charitable causes. We invite you to share our mission to recreate the Alexandrian Library destroyed by fire.

Join us as we mount up on the wings of the phoenix rising from the ashes.

Our Vision

7 Fires Publishing is a beacon for the written word. Our books come alive with stories that ignite imaginations and foster meaningful connections between readers and authors.

Our purpose is to empower communities to come together in celebration of books, culture, and the art of giving.

7 Fires Publishing will continue to illuminate the way as we move towards a more inclusive world of love, light, and hope. We believe that any good publisher-owned philanthropic bookstore must provide support for readers and authors while making the world a better place.

Our Commitment

At 7 Fires Publishing, we're committed to being more than just a bookstore or publisher - we're dedicated to being a community.

In this place, people can come together to share their love of reading, learn new things, and make a positive impact on the world through charitable giving. 

Our Belief

At 7 Fires Publishing, we believe that reading is not only a way to escape and to learn, but also a way to make a difference.

That's why we donate 10% of our net profits to support seven charities that work towards fundamental causes, such as improving education, ending poverty, preserving marine and wildlife, fighting injustice, protecting widows and orphans, and upholding human rights.

We are committed to supporting charities through our work as we help fuel meaningful change in our community and beyond. Our community motto is Readers Who Give and Givers Who Read.

We invite you to visit our bookstore, check out our selection of books, and take part in our events and programs. Join our community and be a part of something bigger - helping to make a difference in the world, one book at a time.

Our Promise

You can rest assured that 7 Fires Publishing will produce quality work. We guarantee your satisfaction. We not only resolve problems, we welcome your feedback, ideas, and suggestions. Please take part in creating your ideal experience. Here are some things we value in putting together our collection.

  • Excellent writing, with strong pacing, descriptive language, and rich imagery

  • Thought-provoking themes and messages

  • Original, compelling, and engaging storytelling

  • A logical plot with relatable characters

  • How-to books that deliver sound advice

  • Unique characters facing high stakes

  • Experienced writers who convey meaning

  • Topics relevant to today's world

Our Team

We have a dedicated team of experienced professionals who excel in their specific areas of expertise.

They have worked on a number of projects with a flying performance second only to the phoenix rising from the ashes.

7 Fires Publishing is here for you.

From the 7 original founders to the bot that keeps everyone straight, we work tirelessly to ensure that only the best written and professionally edited books leave our publishing house.

We have authors writing in seven areas currently and hope to add more in the future.

Our seven authors contribute to the 7 Fires Foundation of Freedom. With 10% of net profits, we support the 7 Fires Foundation, which is comprised of 7 charity organizations. These non-profit enterprises provide care and support for widows and orphans, wildlife preservation, coastal marine health and rehabilitation, the original Advocates for Justice, The Upper Room for those who have been falsely accused and wrongfully convicted, children who fall through the cracks, and research labs for inventors and innovators.

For more information, visit the website for the 7 Fires Foundation.

If you ever have questions, or want to make suggestions, or report problems, just reach out to any of our support staff.

Email, chat, and text messaging are available for your convenience. You can also connect with us on Social Media. 

You can find the links to our social media platforms at the bottom of this page. 

We appreciate your patience as we continue to build our website and get authors set up on a schedule.

image of Caydance Slone

Caydance Slone

Fiction Writer

After decades of writing non-fiction, CS Slone will debut a fiction series. She may also produce other properties as necessary to round out the collection. CS Slone has several degrees that she will put to work for you. Currently, she is busy setting up the publishing side of the business, but she will be up and running soon. 

Justine Janeway

FAC Research Labs

Justice Janeway spends most of her time in the lab, but she is committed to bringing you her excitement and knowledge about science, technology, engineering, architectural design, and math. She was one of the original authors who joined this mission.

Justine Janeway will be writing on all things science, technology, engineering and design, art and architecture, and math. She is also working with the FAC Research Labs with other inventors and innovators.

Renais Sance Warri-Or

Social Justice

Renais has been a warrior all her life. She has supported and fought for one cause after another. Her warrior-eyes never leave the battlefield. She will bring that fire and passion to her written words in the social justice genre.

Renais Sance Warri-Or is our social justice warrior who will tackle some of the most difficult issues facing us today, from misogyny to bigotry. She will bring a historical perspective and provide a passage through the miasma and show us a way forward.

Alma Lee


Alma Lee has suffered a lifetime of tragedy, but has emerged as kind-natured as if she had lived a pampered and charmed life. Her pain is released through the poetry she writes. It is our honor to publish her works.

Alma Lee is our Poet and she has poetry books ready to go. She has been writing songs and poetry for decades. Her works are in production now as we finish with the graphics.

Evlyn Martin Miller

Extreme Life Expectancy

Evlyn comes from a long line of health and wellness buffs, and stays up-to-date on the building blocks needed for a long and healthy life. She will provide her best insights and advice on how to live a long and prosperous life. She will cut through the current trends, hot topics, and scientific data to help you make sense of all the conficting gossip about how to live your best life. She shares her wisdom and her secret recipes with you so you too can live long and prosper.

Evlyn Miller writes on issues concerning Extreme Life Expectancy and will be sharing her decades of wisdom in this field in her upcoming books.

Liberty Hill

Liberty is the "people's lawyer." He will lead you through the legal process step-by-step to make sure you have the best chance at success when you are forced to navigate through the courts or other legal channels. Anyone can serve as their own best lawyer with a bit of coaching.

Click on Backpocket Lawyer to go to his website.

Liberty Hill will be writing books and developing courses to help people facing legal challenges or courtroom issues. Mr. Hill will guide you when you cannot afford expensive legal fees. He will help you navigate the terrain on your own. With good legal coaching, you will be more effective.

Goldie Schatzler

Inspirational Author

Goldie possesses a unique insight into all things spritual. For decades, she has studied the religions and cultures of the world seeking wisdom and truth. From blind hope to convicted faith, she will take you on a journey of discovery that may transform your way of thinkng.

Goldie Schatzler is an inspirational author who will share her wisdom and insight into spirituality, religion, and the supernatural.

Celestine Breeze

Oh my! Hold on to your britches. Celestine has studied political science, government, and history for over 15 years. She is ready to walk you through the situation on the ground and in the trenches. She wants to have a meaningful conversation with you about solutions.

Click on Lawyer in the Sky to go to her website.

Celestine Breeze is the Lawyer In The Sky. She is our in-house political expert who will be producing books on government, politics, and history.

Phoenix Armani

Customer Service

We could not ask for a sweeter and kinder person than Phoenix. She was born for customer service because she cares and you matter. Email and text is the best way to contact her and she usually responds within a few hours with the answers and solutions.

Phoenix Armani and Mirabel Cay run a tight ship. They will know all the answers to every question. They are friendly and supportive in every way. We are very fortunate to have these two wonderful young women on our team.

Mirabel Cay

Office Manager

Mirabel works directly under our Chief Financial Officer. So, if you have any issues with billing or technical issues involving your orders, just text or email Mirabel and she will get it all sorted out. She is sharp as a tack.

Phoenix Armani and Mirabel Cay run a tight ship. They will know all the answers to every question. They are friendly and supportive in every way. We are very fortunate to have these two wonderful young women on our team.

7 of 9

Office Support

We recognize our current 7 of 9 here because she is running around in the background making your experience as enjoyable as possible. 7 is our intern and we hope she will decide to join us fulltime someday. 7 mostly provides support for Phoenix and Mirabel.

7 of 9 is the spot we have open each year for our intern. Each intern is 7 of 9 until they transition into a full-time position. Our office just could not run without our intern jumping and hopping for hours each week.

Betty Bott


Betty Bott, what can we say about Betty? You must check in on her in Facebook Messenger and on Instagram messaging because she loves to take care of visitors. Betty was originally designed as an NFT, but we found her so irresistible that we retrofitted her as a bot. She is still in training, but she will be great for handling routine matters, answering FAQs, or getting you to the right department.

Betty Bott is our friendly inhouse bot. She has been programmed well by Phoenix and Mirabel, so with a little prompting by you, she can help with basic FAQ and automated information.

This team keeps our ship upright and afloat. We hope you will feel comfortable in sharing your opinions with them and allow us to serve you better. 

We welcome you and look forward to our journey together.